What is SPARK?

SPARK TV is the first online and streaming network dedicated to the events industry. The events industry adds more than $1 trillion into the global economy each year. SPARK TV pulls back the curtain on this impactful industry showing viewers how everyday events and extraordinary experiences are created.

Through a variety of programming aimed at educating event professionals and entertaining the general public, SPARK TV serves as an online and streaming hub where viewers can find engaging and exciting content that celebrates group dining, travel, event design, planning, and event technology. If you enjoy sharing good food, great places, and great fun then SPARK TV is the place for you.

We stream our content to over 129 million households. The world’s largest and most exciting travel, hospitality, and event brands share their content through SPARK TV online, on mobile, and in app. Become a SPARK TV Insider today to gain exclusive access to our shows, live experiences, and incentives that make event planning easy.

Are you a Professional Planner? Join SPARK Planner Pro for more access to exclusive programming, tutorials, live experiences, and more.

What You’ll Get

Curated Content

Meet creators from around the world sharing their best tips, tricks, and tutorials on creating great experiences.

From weddings, to birthdays, group travel, and more viewers can learn from the best on how to create every aspect of a live experience.

Branded Channels

Curious about your favorite travel or hospitality brand? Go behind the scenes with travel brands from around the world - as we show viewers how they make your stay, your event, your experience special.

Go behind the scenes with a hotels head chef and find out how she creates that signature menu, and a whole lot more! Discover how your favorite brands do what they do best.

Original Content

See fun and exciting shows like Amazing Spaces, Millenial America, and Inside Event Tech that take you behind the scenes of the world’s most exciting event spaces, destinations, and event tech.

Our original programming is created with you in mind. There is something for every event lover on SPARK TV.

Tips & Tutorials

Get the latest tips and tutorials from our pros.

Professional meeting and event planners, travel pros, caterers, and event marketers share their best tips on how to create experiences that viewers can duplicate for thousands or just family and friends.

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